We want to inspire our costumers & become the next generation’s must have jewellery brand for the modern, trendsetting women in this world. 
MARGOVA is a contemporary jewellery brand. Designed for independent, freespirited women that go out and treat themselves with beautiful fine, jewellery.  
“I want to make timeless pieces with a modern twist that make women feel extraordinary & sparkling.” - Denitza Margova
 Denitza Margova was born in Kardzhali - Bulgaria in 1986. The idea of an own jewellery business was established in 2011, when the founder Denitza Margova wrote her bachelor thesis. The designer graduated at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Hamburg. During her studies she gained practical experience in New York and London at outstanding fashion designers like Abigail Lorick , Stella McCartney & the fashion department from Interview Magazine.
All these experiences, young imagination, feminine enthusiasm, as well as creative strength drove the young jewellery designer to focus on her own label & to start as a newcomer in the jewellery industry in summer 2014. So the label MARGOVA Jewellery was born. Since then, Denitza Margova was working on developing her own brand identity with the vision of modernity, lightness & elegance. Out of her love for crafting her own jewellery, Denitza Margova has experienced a very exciting success in just two years.

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